Information cut out for a target group - with TIMETOWEB Content Filter

Your website users will access the content they need - very comfortable and without any registration - with one mouse click! Registered users can also get the content, which is filtered by special criteria: regions, user groups, certain interest etc.. The flexible configuration allows various use possibilities.

TIMETOWEB Content Filter Module makes it possible to filter content. This allows restrictions as well as visible expansions of content on a website.
Example: Regionalization

    First, every document is specified for a region. This can be one, several or all.

    Then, a website user can choose a region and will see the preselected information. Not only the document content is filtered according to his selection, but also the navigation. If a visitor makes no selection, he may access the complete or general information only.

    Depending on the requirements, the selection is valid only for one visit or for a specified period. The selection can even be set back manually.
Technical background:
A content filter is set by a website user in his web browser. To do this, he can follow a link or use check boxes. Once a selection has been made, only the documents will be visible to him, which have the entry for the selected filter. These settings are stored within a "Cookie".The cookie life span can be defined freely.

The content filter is set during the creation or maintenance of a document using the corresponding check boxes. A document can be narrowed down to specific filter setting, additional it is possible to hide it if a website visitor makes no selection. In this case, this document only appear, when the corresponding filter selection has been selected.


  • Extended personalization of contents in addition to the role assignment (anonymous / authenticated)
  • Any filter criteria you need: regions, user groups, certain interest
  • Different elements for the website user to make his selection (check boxes, buttons etc.)
  • Concentrated and specified offer for your website visitors
  • No registration, user management etc. required
  • A lot of configuration possibilities - to fit your requirements
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