TIMETOWEB Content Management System

Presentation of Version 5.0

Lindner Hotel BayArena, Leverkusen

Last week, the new Version 5.0 of TIMETOWEB was presented at the well visited customer meeting in Leverkusen. The new release of our content management system provides more functionalities for existing customers and attracts new customers who are looking for a mature, powerful and easy to use web content management system.

Starting with the current trends in CMS - more content, more websites, more integration and collaboration - managers Felix Binsack and Hermann Ballé fugured out the strengths of the new TIMETOWEB CMS and its multitude of new functions.

The availability of informations at every time and every place in a company may deside about this company's success or failure in todays hard competition. TIMETOWEB allows a customer not only to manage his content but also to create and improve the collaboration between all parties involved.

Become acquainted with the new possibilities to arrange an active dialog with the visitors of your website.
The brand-new powerful formular generation tool allows a customer to create contact and interaction facilities in intranet, internet or extranet without programming skills.
Another great capability of TIMETOWEB is the advanced range of functions for multiple use of informations: content and objects sydication.

TIMETOACT customers used the afternoon to discuss their experiences and exchange ideas. A new interaction platform will be created to assure further developments based on customer needs.

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