The TIMETOWEB CMS is used for Intra- / Internet or for combined Extra- and Internet applications. It has proved its capability over a hundred times, in international corporations as well as in medium sized companies.

The TIMETOWEB Content Management System was used to realize more than 150 Websites, the most of them are intranet websites. 100 % of the Projects are implemented with success. Every single project is a reference project, for the project managers of our customers and for the TIMETOWEB CMS. Below you can see some of these references, recent first.



- intuitive navigation for a fast orientation on the website - technical implementation accomplished within a few days


- Relaunched for the third time already - TIMETOWEB in use since 2000
- Web Accessibility
- Integration into mail-clients (RSS-Feed)
- supply of the press information on a PDA (Palm or Pocket-PC) - Exportation of the news to Avantgo
- 5,600 pages of content

DNUG.DE Extranet

- Event Management System (individual expansion as own databse)
- member database integrated (via TIMETOWEB data source)


- Relaunch with TIMETOWEB R6
- W3C compliant HTML code
- Cross-Browser checked & web accessible
- above 2,000 pages of content
- member database integrated (via TIMETOWEB data source)
- Event Management System (individual expansion as own database)
 alt=DOMINO informatics

DOMINO informatics

 alt=Bayer MaterialScience Visionworks


- after the update to TIMETOWEB 6.0: strongly optimised, web accessible and future-proof
- 2 languages, 1,200 content documents, 5,000 products
- in the past the product database had been implemented with the TIMETOWEB Development Kit, now it is accomplished with the new data source technology of TIMETOWEB R6
- synchronisation of products from different business units / sources with TIMETOWEB Syndicated Objects


- content and structure as well as the design of the web presentation completely revised
- usability and low startup costs are the decisive factor for the choice of TIMETOWEB R6
- existing offers of employment integrated into the internet presentation via data source technology


 alt=Intranet der LBS Schleswig-Holstein

Intranet of LBS Schleswig-Holstein Corporation

- well structured information for daily work
- high integrity (data from devices and Notes databases)
- decrease of administrative tasks, decentralised content maintenance

Bayer CropScience Nederland - Internet & Customer Extranet

- Entry pages for research: products or alternatively problems to be solved
- high number of product data sheets integrated