TIMETOWEB CMS Archiving Database

The archiving data base (TIMETOWEB CMS archiving database) is a module for the archiving of old, not published any more content-documents in an external database.

This module extends the archiving options of TIMETOWEB CMS. In TIMETOWEB CMS content documents are archived INTERNAL, if a new version of the content-document is provided and released. The old archived version of the content-document remain in the TIMETOWEB CMS database. Here the new module TIMETOWEB CMS archiving database starts its work and makes a second stage of archiving possible for these old (and no longer used) versions of content-documents, news, dates, etc. in an EXTERNAL database.

EXTERNAL Archiving in the TIMETOWEB-CMS-Archiving-Database

  • free definition of the archiving database
  • multiple configuration options for the regulation of content documents which can be archived
  • time-steered and automatic external archiving
  • old content documents are deleted in the TIMETOWEB CMS database and copied into the TIMETOWEB CMS archiving database
  • in the TIMETOWEB CMS archiving database the documents keep all values
  • read access in the TIMETOWEB CMS archiving database on the archived documents
  • restore of archived documents from the TIMETOWEB CMS archiving database back into the TIMETOWEB CMS database
  • restored documents keep all links in the TIMETOWEB CMS database

The advantages of this external archiving are obvious. On the one hand thereby the size of the TIMETOWEB CMS database is reduced and thus the performance is optimized. On the other hand the sitemap and the appropriate opinions become slimmer and more clearly, since the old documents are not any longer indicated.

TIMETOWEB CMS Archiving Database