TIMETOWEB CMS Content Life Cycle Management

Content Management contains the creation, the processing and the publishing of information for the internal and external corporate communication.
 TIMETOWEB CMS Content Life Cycle Management

Time to deal with the really important tasks
The main function of a Content Management System is to automate the routine operations of the content life cycle, because you want your investment in this software to optimize your business processing, not to create new time-consuming operations. TIMETOWEB CMS benefits from the collaborative Lotus Notes / Domino platform as well.

Content in flux
You want to offer your website users constantly up-to-date information. Your published content is changing and has to be regularly updated. As a matter of course, all existing documents have to be available further on, e.g. in order to reconstruct changes. TIMETOWEB CMS makes the version management transparent and traceable for everyone.

Version Management
The TIMETOWEB CMS allows a comfortable and clearly arranged management of all versions of a document. The previous version of a document is stored as an archive automatically by creating a new version, e.g. in order to retrieve past changes. You can store as much as desired archive versions of a document, they are available unless manually deleted or filed by the Archiving Module into an external database . This way, you can retrieve any status and set back documents, or entire website sections very fast.

The website user will always access the up-to-date version, the archived documents are disabled for him. As links refer to the page IDs, you do not have to care about link accuracy. They will not be affected by the version change.

Trust is good, control is better
The responsibility for the correctness of the content may not be assigned to every author. The quality of your website is only guaranteed, when the responsibility for the approval is clearly regulated. TIMETOWEB CMS controls the approval cycle and assists the Content Master in his tasks.

Approval Workflow
The TIMETOWEB CMS offers an easy and efficient approval process. The authors create new documents or new versions of the existing documents. This new documents are not published automatically, they need to be approved through a person in charge. The authorizations for this processes are defined on the base of the role classifications of the database users. It is not necessary to re-administrate the users, you can revert to the existing Domino directory.

The in the approval process involved persons will be automatically informed with an e-mail about completed stages of the workflow or upcoming tasks, e.g. when the author requests approval or the Content Master approves or disapproves a document. The complete workflow will be recorded, in order to have a reference later.

Extended Approval Workflow
Beside this simple approval workflow the approval process for special sides can be extended by a technical approval. The documents provided by an author must be examined and released first by a specialized division, a legal department or a central editorship technically. Only after these instances approved the content it can be released by a content responsible person and be published. Thereby you create a legal security for sensitive or global sides. Naturally an automatic notice by e-mail and logging of all steps take place also at the technical approval workflow. This optional attitude can be configured for the entire CMS or only subranges.

Cycle Date
By the periodic release of news that are important for your enterprise you can always let them appear at the top position of your overviews in certain temporally distances. For providing you indicate simply in which distances and for which period the document updates itself again and again and so is pushed to the top position.

Publishing Content
You are tracking important business objectives by publishing the content: you want to intensify the interaction between the website users, to initiate the buying of your products or just to provide information. With the help of TIMETOWEB CMS your information reaches your target group.

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