TIMETOWEB CMS Content plus

With TIMETOWEB CMS you are able to create dynamic and interactive websites, resulting in high acceptance from the visitors of your web sites.

Template composition

A page layout template is composed of snippets, nested templates, navigation elements and content elements. A content element may consist of a data source, a form, or a certain functional element like the OnPage Collaboration module. This elements can be a static element of a page layout or be inserted on the basis of an condition. Depending upon the template authors can insert up to ten different content elements within one page. Learn more about the TIMETOWEB CMS template technology.

Data Integration

Integrating existing data in your website contributes to a richer user experience. Seamless integration of foreign data into your website means a wider range oif usage of business critiacal information and may result in besser work experience (e.g. within intranet applications). The TIMETOWEB CMS data source technology allows to integrate data from different applications without a need to modify the applications themselves. So, you can save costs and leverage your IT investments. Consistent navigation and uniform layout according to your corporate design guide lines are provided by the CMS.


TIMETOWEB Content Management System provides a large number of content, collaboration and integration modules, that go beyond the functional range of ordinary content management systems.


TIMETOWEB Content Management System is a multilingual application. Single CMS may include websites in any number of languages. Even Unicode characters are supported, websites even in Chinese may be implemented with TIMETOWEB CMS.