Lotus Domino as platform

You may wonder, why Domino should be used as platform for a web content management system? The answer is not difficult:

Lotus Domino ...
  • is a established, proven and mature platform
  • offers high level of integration: user management, access control, mail, full-text search
  • is market leader in collaboration
  • provides high performance and high availability while low hardware costs
  • will offer DB/2 & Webservices integration with R7, a new client with R8 and so on
  • provides a lot of software interfaces: LEI, LSX, Portal, SAP…
  • is not an experiment, protects from disappointments
  • allows fast projects with low costs
  • affords Content Management in real time

Domino Offline Services (DOLS)

DOLS allows you (and your sales representatives) to present your website on your notebook offline at any time. You can edit the existing entries offline or ad some new. The following synchrinisation lets the changes verify with the server-stored data.