TIMETOWEB CMS Extended Author Management

The extended Author Management offers assistance for companies with different external or internal groups of authors. It secures the administration and the access rights for the different groups and the quality assurance of the content.

Intern CMS Access Rights

By the Access Rights is a precise access control for authors possible, whereby an easy handling for central or decentralized editorship is secured. The rights for e.g. large groups of authors or sub-groups can be limited after contents, determined chapters or categories.

Extended Approval Workflow

Beside this simple approval workflow the approval process for special sides can be extended by a technical approval. The documents provided by an author must be examined and released first by a specialized division, a legal department or a central editorship technically. Only after these instances approved the content it can be released by a content responsible person and be published. Thereby you create a legal security for sensitive or global sides. Naturally an automatic notice by e-mail and logging of all steps take place also at the technical approval workflow. This optional attitude can be configured for the entire CMS or only subranges.

CMS Minder

The CMS Minder is a tool for the Web master to relief the work for all CMS users. The module supervises the CMS and refers to contents and conditions. Whether error, lining up approvals, changes within sensitive ranges, or simply only a control of the activities in the CMS, the CMS Minder registers it and sends away appropriate mails. To the author of the content-documents, to the content master for the approval, to the Web master in the case of errors.

The CMS Minder can avoid inconsistencies by its maintenance work and obtain high savings of time for the supervisors and users of the CMS.


Check In / Check Out

An assistance tool for the work in a team of several authors. A document becomes checked out by an author simply by the push of a button. This mark is visible for all other authors. It appears an appropriate reference if anybody attempts to edit the document. In an emergency the marking can be naturally taken over by another author, so that necessary work on the document is not prevented. After the treatment the document is checked in simply again, by the push of a button. The mechanism functions naturally also in the Web User Interface.

In the Content Master area you will find an overview showing all checked out documents according to people.

 TIMETOWEB CMS Check In / Check Out