TIMETOWEB CMS Flexibility & Scalability

TIMETOWEB Content Management System adapts the business requirements. The system is extremely scalable: whether departments have to be restructured, several companies are merging or other structural changes are pending in your company: your Content Management System will still meet your needs and even your future needs.

      If required, several TIMETOWEB Content Management System entities can be combined to one large website. The website user in such a portal will see all the content within one website: e.g., cascading allows to use a continuous ariadne path over all TIMETOWEB CMS entities. And the full text search scans either all entities or just one. Yet, each area (each CMS) can be identified as an independent website - usually through a different look & feel.
  TIMETOWEB CMS lustering
      Clustering make a spreading of one website over several instances of the TIMETOWEB Content Management System possible. This is made invisible for the website user, he doesn't recognize, that the content is delivered by several CMS.
  TIMETOWEB CMS Partitioning
      One TIMETOWEB Content Management System entity can contain multiple websites each with their own layout. By this, you can store and manage several websites, e.g. for special events, single departments or topics.