The Inspector is a module for the comprehensive monitoring of a website/CMS and its integrity. It increases the quality and stability of a websites and offers saving of time by the support of the Web Masters. A substantial component is the Reference Analyzer. Further functions for e.g. the monitoring of appendices of files (e.g.:size) and documents (orphans etc.) will follow.

Further functions of the Reference Analyzers

  • simple integration into every TIMETOWEB CMS starting from version 6
  • HTTPS starting from domino server 6,5 (out of the box)
  • multiple configuration options for view, report and individual document types
  • resources-protective and read-reduced examination
  • extensive include/exclude logic
  • detailed and clear report in the HTML format
  • time-steered callable, mails with appropriate Doclinks are in the event of an error sended
 TIMETOWEB CMS Reference Analyser

Centralized monitoring of multiple web sites - Reference Analyzer Pool

The reference analyzer can be extended by a pool-database, from which the inspection of multiple websites is managed. This database contains the complete configuration and all logging documents and can be outsourced to any server to reduce the load.

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Functions of the Reference Visualizer

  • web interface to visualize incorrect references in a webpage
  • highlights the associated object and offers additionally functionalities for indicating not visible HTML objects in those the incorrect reference can be contained
  • saving of time by the error analysis and correction
  TIMETOWEB CMS Reference Visualizer

Orphan Finder

As a monitoring tool, the Orphan Finder provides an overview of the orphaned documents in the database. Unnecessary documents can simply be removed or restored.

lotus domino cms intranet extranet internet