TIMETOWEB CMS Multimedia Presentation

A meeting review, a report of the management to the staff or an on-line product conception - multimedia applications fulfill various enterprise requirements. TIMETOWEB CMS users can extend their website on simplest way multimedially. With the TIMETOWEB CMS modules ' Multimedia-Presentation' and ' Business TV' can videos with or without presentation be integrated into the website - and by each cms user without any special technical knowledge.

More possibilities for the website visitor
Depending upon need the video replay can be supported with a simultaneous presentation. The pertinent foil is always indicated to the visitor. If the visitors are interested in a certain aspect, they can navigate with the help of foil titles in the lecture. The interactive forward and backward navigation makes a fast seizing of information possible. Because the lecture is simply continued at the appropriate place.

The technical side
Among experts one speaks of (video) webcasting. The video is replayed by the Windows Media Player, so the website visitor needs no additional software - also not MS PowerPoint, only the Internet Explorer as a web browser. The videostream file is loaded on a Microsoft streaming server, which corresponding address (URL) is then linked in the cms document.

Small expenditure - large effect
Every TIMETOWEB CMS user is able to create a document of the type ' Multimedia-Presentation' or ' Business TV', it is no HTML knowledge necessary. The PowerPoint file is imported, the dissolution and navigation within the presentation are easy configured. After the input of the URL of the streaming file the individual foils and the video file are synchronized temporally, the configuration is done in a dialogue window.

See an example:
KeyNote von Ambuj Goyal, General Manager Workplace, Portal & Collaboration Software at the
DNUG Conferences: IBM Lotus Technical Forum 2005:
"Hannover"-Release - simplify and enhance the end user experience in the next release of Lotus Notes.

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