Create your own news, press releases or press clippings as a special "News" document with the TIMETOWEB CMS. Using the document type "News overview" you can display the news as an archive, sorted by categories. In addition, single news can be exported and displayed at important areas of your website (usually the home page). The news can be sorted chronologically or manually. There are several layout settings available.


  • Effortless creation
  • Integration at any place in the home page
  • Flexible layout definition
  • News archives
  • XML export of the news in other websites (Content Syndication)
  • Output as RSS-Feed

Cycle Date

By the periodic release of news that are important for your enterprise you can always let them appear at the top position of your overviews in certain temporally distances. For providing you indicate simply in which distances and for which period the document updates itself again and again and so is pushed to the top position.

News Overview