TIMETOWEB CMS User Feedback and Page Recommendation

User Feedback

Do you wonder sometimes, how do the users like your website? Page Comments give you a golden opportunity to get to know the opinion of your website users. In addition, it can help you to identify incorrect or uninteresting pages.

With the help of this tool you are able to constantly improve your website. You also signalize, that the opinions of your website users count which leaves a positive mark.

Tell a friend

The word-of-mouth recommendation was at all times the best way to get new prospects and customers. This applies accordingly for your website. It is on the behalf of your business to encourage your website users to recommend your website. TIMETOWEB CMS provides a form to make this recommendation as easy as possible for the website user. This form can be shown at any place on your website. Your website user have only to fill in few fields - your Content Management System provides all other functions: storage of collected data, dispatch of the recommendation as e-mail, response possibilities for the person in charge.