TIMETOWEB CMS Powerpoint Presentation

Complex and extensive Powerpoint presentations are created for products, projects and different topics and normally stored on a file server, where they are often hard to find.

One click and the Powerpoint module will import your presentations into the TIMETOWEB Content Management System and display them on your website. This offers many advantages:
  • It's not necessary to start the Powerpoint application
  • The presentation can be indexed (with keywords) similar to the other content of the website
  • The full text search finds content in the presentation
  • The presentation can be found by search engines
  • Websites are better available than file servers
  • Displaying integrated in other website content
    • Displaying using HTML
    • No special viewer needed
    • Navigation using configurable buttons
    • Optional Zoom view
    • Additional presentation text (e.g. in order to allow copy & paste)
  • The presentation can not be downloaded. It is not attached to the document
  • Note: The creation requires Powerpoint installed as OLE application
Modules like this let the bounds fade between Content & Document and Knowledge Management.

For video streams we recommend the TIMETOWEB CMS module "Multimedia Presentations".

Following an example of the Powerpoint module with multiple presentations on one site.

You can choose this very well for an eventreview.