TIMETOWEB CMS Resource Management

Are you using the same text blocks, graphics, links lists, file attachments etc. in different parts of your website again? A centralized administration and usage on demand within single documents or as part of templates is providing assistance.

TIMETOWEB's Resource Management enables to manage different elements in a most effective way, i.e.:
  • Files/Attachments
  • Images
  • Presentations
  • Links
  • Text Modules
Authors are able to include this elements in a resource document and to use them in every location within the CMS. Where in the CMS the single resource is in use is noticed in each document since version 7.50. This allows to avoid multiple storage and time consuming updating of resources.

Of course, like other documents within the TIMETOWEB Content Management System the resources can be indexed using keywords and categories. Also, the documents can include information about the reader access rights.

Depending on the kind of the resource, additional options are provided:
  • Images:
    Importing as single files or as a batch from the hard drive, automatically scaling to several defined sizes
  • Presentations:
    Importing of PowerPoint presentations into a defined size, including several presentations within one page as several page elements
  • Links:
    Automatic scanning of link integrity