TIMETOWEB CMS System Requirements

A web server and a client application is required in order to To operate a TIMETOWEB CMS based website:
  • Server:
    IBM Lotus Domino version 6.5.3 and higher
  • Client for Administration & Content Editing:
    IBM Lotus Notes version 6.5.3 and higher
  • Content Editing with Web User Interface:
    required: Internet Explorer 7 and higher or Firefox 2.0 and higher
    recommended: Internet Explorer 8 and higher or Firefox 3.0 and higher

Note: the correct configuration is to be assured: you need to activate the HTTP task of the Domino server. For further information on an optimal Domino server configuration please contact us.

TIMETOWEB Content Management System is largely platform independent. It is available for all systems, that can run a Domino server, including Linux, Solaris, OS/400.