Why TIMETOWEB Content Management System?

Do you want your website to...

  • be efficient and to offer added value for your website users?
  • deliver up-to-date content in real time ?
  • have sufficient navigation options, so nobody leaves the site due to orientation problems?
  • be interactive and not a "communicative one way"?
  • be highly performant and dynamic at the same time?
  • reflect your corporate design without technical restrictions?
  • be accessible for all users without technical or physical barriers?
  • enable success control through real time log analysis?
  • easily integrate data from other applications?

Then the TIMETOWEB content management system is exactly what you need!

TIMETOACT have long lasting experiences in developing Domino based Content Management Systems. The Content Management System TIMETOWEB has been developed in close cooperation with customers. So TIMETOWEB CMS has a mature, solid and modular architecture and is well tested in day by day use.

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  • Fast implementation
  • References to minimize risks
  • Good price - performance ratio
  • Highly accepted by CMS users
  • Investment protection due to the constant improvement and secured update ability
  • Low operation costs
  • Ordering of additional functions "on demand"


You would like to learn more about the chances, advantages and projects of the TIMETOWEB CMS? In the following presentation we summarized this information for you: