TIMETOWEB CMS Syndicated Objects

XML Integration

XML becomes ever more generally accepted as an universal data exchange format. TIMETOWEB CMS can XML import and export.


The export takes place according to standard in the RSS format. Further export formats such as news industry text format (NITF) can be realized by programming at comparatively small expenditure.

Import - Syndicated Objects

For the import of data over XML the XERXIS XML Parser is integrated. The module " Syndicated Objects" permits the automatic data import from the Web over XML.
  • definition over jobs, which are periodically processed and over an Java agent generate notes-documents out of XML data
  • documents are automatically created, updated and deleted -> "oneway-replication" via XML
  • definition of the fieldmappings from XML to Notes and of the "replication-key" over a simple configuration-document with simple syntax
  • integration of the imported documents in the CMS over the standards like e.g. news overview or customized

Example of a job list

 TIMETOWEB CMS example: job-list

Example of a job configuration

 TIMETOWEB CMS example: job-configuration