TIMETOWEB CMS Enterprise Search

The enterprise search module (based on IBM OmniFind Enterprise Search Technology, the leading platform for enterprise search and text analysis) enables to provide the right information to the right people at the right time. Regardless of the systems in which the data is stored. Thereby multiple complex and cost-intensive searches in different sources, databases and systems can be avoided.

So the enterprise search not only the searches within the CMS and thus the "intranet", but also within file systems, other Notes databases, intranet applications and internet resources. The access rights of the user (Lotus Domino, Active Directory) will already be taken in account when displaying the search results, so no results will be displayed to which the user has no access rights.

As with the well-known Internet search engines (eg Google), it offers a central, easy to use and fast search function to the employees. The complexity of the variety of sources and the consideration of individual access rights is for the not users in any way apparent. The relevance of the results can be weighted any time after company-internal factors.

The user interface is of course adapted to the corporate identity of your company.

lotus domino cms enterprise search module

So you can make the contents of websites, such as www.yahoo.com, www.bbc.co.uk or others, also available for your intranet search.

By the search in file systems you can present eg directories containing product information, project information and any other files. Over 200 different file formats (*. doc, *. xls, *. pdf, etc.) are supported and evaluated. The enlargement of the search base increases the efficiency of finding multiple times and makes the TIMETOWEB based intranet quickly becoming a key productivity factor.

More functional and efficient than the traditional Notes Search:
  • Search on a variety of sources, taking into account the access rights (in real time)
    Lotus Notes databases, Windows file system, intranet and internet content (additional sources can be integrated on request)
  • Single-Sign-On
    Lotus Domino and Active Directory by using SPNEGO
  • Ranking of search terms and results
    Relevance weighted according to defined factors
  • Text analysis
    Automatically classification and categorization by the content within the documents
  • Featured Links / Keymatches / Quicklinks
    Editorial maintained "Adwords"
  • Spellcheck
    "Did you mean..."
  • Synonym Search
  • Duplicate Detection