The TIMETOWEB Content Management System can be flexibly converted to your requirements. Additionally to the basic version, it offers a large variety of modules which exceed the functional range of common Content Management Systems by large.

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Content Modules

With the TIMETOWEB CMS you are creating websites which are able to deliver rich user experience. It is possible due to the flexible website content elements, available out-of-the box, as well as customized solutions. more...
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Content Management Modules

To support the administrative work of the Web Master, the basic TIMETOWEB CMS provides a Modification Toolset. Further handy tools and functions can be licenced on demand. more...
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Resource Management Modules

The TIMETOWEB basic configuration contains a centralized resource administration for files, attachments, images, links and textes. Extend the options of the TIMETOWEB resource management by the modules for simple and professional presentation.
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Personalization Modules

Personalization allows taking individual preferences of the web user into account. There are two kinds of personalization, i.e. for anonymous and for authentified website users. Next to the basic personalization module, TIMETOWEB CMS offers several further modules to extend the personalization functions. more...
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Collaboration Modules

Today's Inter- and Intranet websites have developed from one-way information delivery to interactive collaborative platforms, where information is exchanged, contacts are made and transactions are settled. With TIMETOWEB CMS technology numerous interactive modules can be integrated into your website.
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Enterprise Integration Modules

The capability of an application becomes apparent when other applications or data from them have to be integrated. A Content Management System has to offer integration ability to include foreign data in a simple and effective way. The TIMETOWEB CMS Datasource Technology supports the integration of different content or information sources. It is in line with this demand due to it's mature development concept and a modular system architecture.
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Custom Extensions

The following sites show you some examples and references for the back-end integration and process automation. The list may be extended because TIMETOACT carry out a lot of projects steadily. TIMETOWEB CMS is always the central application and the starting point.

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