TIMETOWEB CMS Enterprise Integration Modules

The TIMETOWEB CMS Datasource Technology supports the integration of different content or information sources. It supports the integration of information from Notes databases, from SAP, ODBC, from other websites, form XML or from a FTP server.

 TIMETOWEB CMS Datasource Technology

The most trivial data source is the content from within the TIMETOWEB CMS. Examples are news, events, items, graphics or links. These may be arranged in lists. The lists may sorted ascending or descending or by a formula. The lists can be navigated using categorization or paging or a combination of both. A single information item can then be displayed using an conventional template.

Embedding of external data can be set up in a same way. A very interesting alternative to displaying an data source pointing to an information item (using an conventional template) is a data source pointing to another data source. The latter data source is called a conditional data source, i.e. a data source that is called with a certain condition, such as a URI to retrieve.

Highly integrative cms

The capability of an application becomes apparent when other applications or data from them have to be integrated. A Content Management System have to offer integration ability to include foreign data in a simple and effective way. TIMETOWEB CMS is in line with this demand due to it's mature development concept and a modular system architecture.

Highly integrative platform

Lotus Domino offers a lot of possibilities to exchange information with other applications. This short list names the most important: Mail, Lotus Enterprise Integrator, LSX, OLE, RDBMS, SAP, Webservices.

Independent Software & Third Party Vendors

Moreover, with approximately 100.000.000 users Domino is one of the most widespread software applications worldwide. Vast array of information is collected and managed within domino applications. No considerable software-developing company can afford not to deliver an standardized interface to Domino. For the most applications there are some alternatives to use the interface of Lotus, of the independent software company or of the third party vendors.

TIMETOWEB CMS can be used to offer the following integration options

Create, Update, View & Search Custom CMS Content
(TIMETOWEB CMS extension at individual information needs with specific fields)
  • Custom Template + Custom Labels
  • Custom DocType / Notes Subform
    • Integrated in CMS SiteMap / Event, Items, News Lists (SLEs)
  • Custom Documents / Notes Subform
    • Independent from CMS SiteMap / Event, Items, News Lists (SLEs)

View & Search Custom / Legacy Content
(read-only integration of foreign content into the TIMETOWEB CMS)
Create Custom Content in Legacy Systems
View Remote Website / HTML
Create, Update, View & Search Custom / Legacy XML Content
(Parse XML using HTTP and import objects into TIMETOWEB CMS)