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: "Collaboration Module"

07. August 2008TIMETOWEB CMS BlogA blog makes the simple providing of entries possible, the chronological representation of the entries with comment functions. The blog can be used i mehr... 07. April 2008Chart View mehr... 07. August 2008TIMETOWEB CMS Chat ModuleThe Chat module provides a central and common communication platform for Internet and Intranet sites. Die Chaträume können aus dem CMS heraus einfach mehr... 16. April 2003 - CollaborationTIMETOWEB CMS Collaboration ModulesCollaboration mehr... 16. Oktober 2002 - KontaktmanagementTIMETOWEB CMS Contact ManagementKontaktmanagement mehr... 16. Oktober 2002 - MehrsprachigkeitTIMETOWEB CMS Content plusMehrsprachigkeit mehr... 21. November 2005TIMETOWEB CMS Discussion / OnPage CollaborationJust a few mouse clicks are necessary to allow content authors and content masters to create a new discussion forum. Comparable with a blog, every pa mehr... 05. August 2008 - Gelbe SeitenTIMETOWEB CMS EmployeePages / People Center / Organization DirectoryGelbe Seiten mehr... 16. Oktober 2002 - Newsletter / AbonnementenverwaltungTIMETOWEB CMS Newsletter & Subscribtion ManagementNewsletter / Abonnementenverwaltung mehr... 03. September 2002 - Opinion PollTIMETOWEB CMS Opinion PollOpinion Poll mehr... 20. Juni 2003 - Besucher FeedbackTIMETOWEB CMS User Feedback and Page RecommendationBesucher Feedback mehr... 10. Januar 2007People Search mehr... 30. Juni 2003 - TIMETOWEB CMS LizenzpreiseTIMETOWEB CMS Licence CostsTIMETOWEB CMS Lizenzpreise mehr... 02. Dezember 2008TIMETOWEB CMS Tagging, Relation-Information ObjectsThe tagging of information objects becomes more important in today's online environment, since it offers many possibilities to providers and users. mehr... 07. April 2008Tree View mehr... 07. August 2008TIMETOWEB CMS User ManagementFor setting up a Extranet an user administration is needed. Persons must be able to register and change their personal data. In addition you can main mehr...

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